Psychotherapy & Consultation in English

As a licensed and registered psychotherapist, I offer psychotherapy, as well as consultations in english.

If you are registered in Sweden or have a permanent resident permit, giving you a Swedish identity number, you are entitled to psychotherapy under the national health insurance system.

Originally from Canada, I have 20 years experience with clients from all corners of the world. In addition to North America, I have worked with patients, both individually and as couples from Asia, and all of Europe.

With a post-graduate degree in psychotherapy from Lund univeristy, department of psychology, I work with psychological dis-ease stemming from interpersonal conflict, grieving, change in roles, as well as depression and anxiety. I have worked with the treatment of trauma since 2002, both with adults as well as children and adolescents.

I have worked in child psychiatry, as well as with couples and family counselling. I also worked with grievance counselling and therapy at the dept. of oncology/hospice for 10 years. As an existentialist, I offer existential therapy, as well as psychotherapy with the aged.

I have additional training in interpersonal therapy (IPT) which is a short-term psychotherapeutic method which emphasizes on the interrelationship betwen symtoms and interpersonal difficulties.
The four areas of focus are – depression, beareavment, role transition and conflict.

Therapeutically, I believe that addressing the underlying emotional disease (cause) of a problem is ultimately more effective than simply addressing its symptoms. Therapy can promote positive change in individuals, families, communities, and ultimately, the world in which we live. Furthermore I offer therapy on-line, E-therapy


Psychotherapy on-line

Online therapy is the delivery of mental health services online through the various methods of communication available on the internet today e.g., as e-mail, live chat or webcam session. Telephone sessions are also a common means to carry out a therapy session.

Online therapy or E-therapy is confidential, effective and safe and has scientifically supported benefits. There are a number of life circumstances that on-line therapy is suited to e.g., suit, too far to travel, busy schedule, frequent travelling residing abroad, or even those who suffer from e.g. excess anxiety. E-therapy is typically less threatening than going to a therapist’s office as it is the client who is in control of the process which is empowering. In fact, it is often easier for clients to get in touch with deeper feelings. This is able to result in more effective treatment.

Therapy in the privacy of one’s own premises can proide a context of safety, essential for resolving excess anxiety or trauma. On line sessions can be experienced as less exposing and less intimidating than meeting face-to-face, which can help with relaxing into the process of therapy. They can also help people to be more in charge of the process of their own therapy, an essential ingredient for healing to take place. As part of the therapeutic process, I facilitate a number of ways to master psychological integration and a sense of balance. I also teach how to regulate stress and find a sense of completeness through mindful awareness.

Using SKYPE as a means, tools to regulate part of the autonomic nervous system involved with stress, release traumatic stressin the body, and integrate and practice new ways of being beyond trauma. For a SKYPE session you will need a computer with a camera and access to high-speed internet. The SKYPE system is free of charge. However, in order to have access an account must be set up.

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